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Published on Nov 17, 2012
In Linux, everything is a file. All the files the kernel can understand are displayed.


The VIDEO was Uploaded by Gotbletu – Linux Tutorials
Requires/ What uploader used:
commands for vlc: Alt+F2 type
to pass to alsa:
vlc alsa://plughw:0,0
if u need for pulse:
vlc alsa://pulse
To restart alsa or pulseaudio, close other apps like browsers, music and video players 1st
For Alsa:
$ sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload
For Pulse
$ killall pulseaudio && pulseaudio

Linux Inspires

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Videos
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A video by Linux Foundation


The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky visits Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters to check out the future of Android, including the new LG Nexus 4 smartphone and Samsung’s high-resolution Nexus 10 tablet.

The Origins of Linux – Linus Torvalds

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Videos

[Recorded Sept 19, 2001]
Linus Torvalds, the creator of the operating system phenomenon Linux, tells the story of how he went from writing code as a graduate student in Helsinki in the early 1990s to becoming an icon for open source software by the end of the decade.

What is Open Source?

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Videos

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